Why is VoIP Communication Best for Call Centers?

VoIP Communication

Zathura IT provides the best call center solutions by providing high-quality VoIP communication services.

Introduction to VoIP communication services

The first ever VoIP service was introduced in 1995 in business communication. The organization introduced the first Internet-based phone, with the adoptable name InternetPhone. This did not come with any advanced feature, it required both customer and client to be connected through the same software in order to talk.

Previously VoIP services suffered from an undefined user experience, with frequent declinations and dropped assets. However, the service improved until Skype’s introduction in 2003 made VoIP innovative and productive for average users. This enables voice calls that were completely free of charge, including cool features like video calls and calls to analog phones, with much-improved audio quality.

Modern business communication proved another edge for the VoIP industry, as many office workers and managers now began working remotely. VoIP and related services such as meetings became even more crucial for office workers as videoconferencing became the new platform for the virtual workplace.

How does VoIP work?

VoIP operates by adopting standard voice signals and converting them into digital packets that can be traveled over the internet using the Internet Protocol.

Excitingly there isn’t just a single way of connecting a call via VoIP. In addition, three different ways of VoIP service are widely used today. These are:

Analog adopter:

This is the most straightforward and most frequent form of VoIP calling. By using an Analog Telephone Adaptor, you are able to connect a standard phone to your desktop or your router for use with VoIP. An adapter is an electronic converter that takes the audio signal from your phone and transforms it into digital data for transformation over the internet. It’s elementary to use, and so it has been widely admired around the world.

IP Phones:

An VoIP phone is a customized phone that looks like a regular phone with the usual functions you would expect to see, along with the display and buttons; however, instead of connecting a standard analog phone connector, VoIP phones have a digital connector instead. VoIP phones link directly to your broadband and have all the essential onboard infrastructure and software database to handle the VoIP call.

Desktop-to-Desktop: Of all three of the main ways, this would be the craziest way of using VoIP. Desktop-to-Desktop VoIP calls use features loaded on your PC or laptop, a microphone and headset, and your internet connection to access you to make calls from Desktop to Desktop. Popular services like WhatsApp utilize this VoIP Softswitch to provide their services.

What are the advantages of VoIP services?

There is an edge in using VoIP over analog phone services. These include:


VoIP is a way to cut down communication expenses easily for many organizations. The fantastic thing about VoIP is it utilizes existing infrastructure without additional costs. In many scenarios, VoIP services can be used for free with Desktops or devices with the proper internet connection, and even in some cases with the cell phone and domestic phones. When you estimate the costs related to international communication calls, this becomes an obvious choice for business owners across the globe.

Easy setup, installation, and services:

Another benefit to using VoIP services is that they are easy to install, set up, and maintain. You don’t usually require an expert to set it up as the physical setup is so simple. Once the system is installed, it is also effortless to configure and organize the system for each user using the platform or service provided by the system manufacturer.


It’s not always easy to analyze how many phones you’ll acquire over the next few years. You must calculate carefully to avoid streaming money on phone lines you won’t execute if you have a domestic phone system.

Why choose VoIP for your business?

If companies or individuals want to utilize VoIP services with their domestic phones, they will need to insert an adapter to connect their phone to the internet. Typically, this connects your phone to your wireless router utilizing a LAN cable. Team members will then need to log in to the VoIP address of their VoIP service provider using another internet-connected device and necessary instructions. Once the setup is complete, employees can use their regular analog phones to make and receive calls over the internet. 

Interestingly things are even easy when using a smartphone to operate VoIP solutions. As smartphones already have access to connecting to the internet, using VoIP services is usually more comfortable and more productive. A high amount of VoIP providers are focusing on the telecom market. Looking to take the leverage of businesses adopting smartphone utilizing services. 

Why Zathura IT solutions? 

Zathura IT solutions have been providing the corporate communication industry for a long time. Being an authorized Service Provider certified by DoT, we provide both International Service and traditional telephony. We offer our features through our well-organized and advanced infrastructure to assure that there is no compromise in the quality of service we deliver. Our solitary vision is to offer communication Solutions to corporate businesses and offer our customers undivided unified attention 24/7.

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