How a Hosted VoIP Provider System Can Benefit Your Business

Hosted VoIP

A cloud-based hosted business will lower your expenses and hike your business to the next level.

What Is VoIP?

In the simplest of definitions, VoIP (voice-over-internet-protocol) is those access businesses to make phone calls within their PBX without using domestic telephone lines, using the broadband Internet network instead.

After a few innovations were hosted, the VoIP system, also called hosted PBX, came into action. Hosted VoIP systems enable business communication that does not depend on the hardware infrastructure but uses cloud-based systems to host the calling of each office. It removes the fear of a high amount of expenditure.

How smoothly Does Hosted VoIP Work

Rather than turning it into a regular voice signal, VoIP solutions transmit your voice into digital data signals, which are then easily and quickly travelled through the Internet to the customer on the receiving end.

It allows calls to make through a desktop, laptop, IP phone, or even a domestic phone.

Hosted VoIP vs. On-Premise VoIP

When deciding to go with a business VoIP communication, you’ll likely look into two aspects of providing the same service: a cloud-based hosted VOIP platform or an on-premise VoIP solution.

Hosted VoIP Solution

In terms of hosted VoIP, all of the utilities necessary to carry out your communication are the work of your hosted VoIP provider. They manage all of the servers and keep them enabled so that you and your team can enjoy smooth communications.Hosted VoIP

Hosted VoIP, in addition, is a service provided by a third party that takes on the expenses and responsibilities that come with managing VoIP servers. There is no installation cost to discuss because you don’t need any additional hardware to start. You’ll only need to pay a monthly subscription fee for this kind of service, but it’s significantly lower than the cost of installing your on-premise VoIP phone technology.

On-premise VoIP Solution

On-premise VoIP, in contrast, manages your company by installing all of the VoIP systems inside of the organization building or at another destination. You’ll be forced to set up all the expensive servers needed to maintain the network.

On-premise VoIP is indulged with relatively high installation costs. The server hardware’s size and space depend on your organization’s situation, but even with a very small business, this is nothing but an investment.

Another extra cost includes your technical resources. You may have to hire several technical experts to maintain and take care of all of this technology and counter any issues that may pop out from time to time.

Top Features and applications of a Hosted VoIP Phone System

Small businesses smartly choose hosted VoIP servers for their business needs, as it is a relatively cheap service with a fixed monthly subscription cost. For a bigger organization with excellent communication strategies, cloud-based VoIP may be the better long-term solution, as it’ll access them to gain complete control of their unique communications hardware.

Irrespective of which one you think would advantage your company more, all the VoIP phone systems have nearly the same features and tools, which are:Hosted VoIP

  • International calls
  • Auto receiver
  • Call management
  • Caller ID
  • Auto dialer
  • Call forwarding
  • Voice messages

Benefits of Hosted VoIP for your business communication

A cloud VoIP phone system is a muzzle-free, easy-to-handle unique communications solution that will access your team to make international calls and even use audio conferencing tools on a single network provider by just using their desktop or mobile device.


This is the major one. Using an ordinary, line-based phone system can burn away your company’s capital every month. Many phone industries lower their prices without informing their customers about it.

Deciding to go with a hosted VoIP server guarantees you the lower fixed monthly fee for using their traditional phone system services, with the option of unlocking to various advanced packages, should you need to expand your UX capabilities.

Minimal installation requirement

Installing an on-premise, business VoIP software usually comes with responsibilities to dealing with a lot of hardware and cables being brought into the office. The same goes for traditional PBX – every square inch matters if you run a small business with limited office space.

One of the major advantages of a hosted VoIP service is that all of that unnecessary clutter is hosted on a data centre located offsite, and you need a stable internet connection to use it.

WHY Zathura IT Solutions?

Zathura IT Solutions has also proven trustworthy at high call bandwidth, something many service providers suffer from when put under pressure. Its AI-backed transmission and call management features are awe-inspiring. Our CRM capabilities give admins many options in an easy-to-understand UI.

We offer advanced and customized solutions for any enterprise to make international calls for business development, quality assurance, and inter and office communication. By choosing Zathura IT‘s VoIP and IP telephony, businesses can exclude the tolls charged by domestic telephone services.


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